Why we need The (Heart) Revolution

“There has to be another way…”

These were the words that stuck in my head when I was facing my first organizational transformation. While the technical expertise and strategic direction was clear, the people and culture elements weren’t.

There wasn’t a blueprint for empowering people to not just manage transformation in their workplace, but to actually thrive and contribute to it – through their own transformation. There had to be another way. A way that helped shift our mindsets to assess, build and sustain our own capacity for transformation. A way to transform your life, to transform your business – and, in turn, society.

But, why a revolution?

Because we need one.

Because Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace says only 15% of employees are fully engaged in the workplace, and many others struggle to remain relevant at all.

Because the vast majority of business transformations are failing – with nearly 80% failing to meet their business objectives, according to the Everest Group.

And because the pace of change has never been this fast, and never have we been this slow to adapt.

This isn’t just a problem for business owners and CEOs – it’s a problem for all of us that want to get more out of life, professionally and personally.

And if you’re asking yourself: “How can I find and align myself with greater meaning and fulfillment?”, “How do I shift my mindset and turn challenges into opportunities?” or “How can I have a greater impact in my work and life?” – then you’re not alone.

We’re busier than ever, but not finding meaning and fulfillment in our work. Our mindsets are often stuck in fear: worrying about staying relevant through change. And we’re unsure how we can contribute and continuously add value, failing to manifest our full impact.

That’s why this revolution puts you right in the center – of your life and of the organizational transformation you’re likely to be (or become) a part of. Because this is the only place true transformation can start. By starting with you, those around you will be affected and gain from it as well. The book provides a profound and practical guide to help you:

• Become the perfect CEO of your own life
• Engage love as your biggest life and business hack – leaving behind the mindset of fear
• And to turn inspiration and insight, into tangible impact in your life and beyond.

Sound simple? It is, but that doesn’t mean easy. For it to work, you have to work it.

This book (and blog) is packed with inspirational ideas and personal stories of people’s transformation – from CEOs to shop floor associates – collected through my over 20 years’ experience helping multinationals and people transform. And most importantly, it has practical exercises for you to implement into your daily work and life without waiting for anyone else to lead you.

My deep hope for this book is not only that you use it to transform yourself in the ways that matter most to you, but also that you’ll join and a part of co-creating a community around The Heart Revolution – to share ideas, stories and inspire each other. This isn’t just a book, it’s a revolution inside us and therefore around us.

So, are you ready to walk outside your comfort zone and tear down your internal blockers? Pick-up The Heart Revolution as your companion in transformation – and join the universe by sharing with me and the rest of the community in the comments below where you hope to go and achieve on your transformation journey.

Welcome to

The Heart Revolution.

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