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We each have one life

Are you making the most of yours?

In my first job as a nurse, seeing death put life into perspective. I saw young people die with grace, and I saw old people die with regrets.

The Heart Revolution helps you to live fully – also and especially, in the face of change. I wish for you not just to survive, but to fulfill your passion and purpose, to come alive and thrive – in your life and your work.

The Heart Revolution puts you and your life into the center. Because this is the only place true transformation can start.

Are you ever reflecting upon:

  • How can you ignite and align yourself towards a greater meaning?
  • How can you turn challenges into opportunities through a loving mindset?
  • How can you increase your impact – constantly manifesting?

Answering these questions helps you unlock your own capacity for transformation and ability to sustain it.

If that’s what you’re looking for and believe in – then join us in The Heart Revolution.

Joining The Heart Revolution as you engage in any transformation means you...

Are you ready to be the leader in your own life? Have you found and aligned with your passion and purpose – in your personal and professional life? Change has never been this fast – and never have we been this slow to keep up and adapt. Whether the change is driven by new technologies, ways of working, regulatory pressures, changing relationships, or something else, you can only harness the benefits and opportunities by building the capacity to transform and move forward.

Connecting to the sweet spot where your purpose (contributing to others) and your passion (what you love doing) meet will be a stabilizer for you through change, increasing your Transformational Capacity. But it takes courage to look deeply in yourself to identify that spot. Are you willing to study yourself deeply?

The greater meaning of your life can only be created by you. The Heart Revolution is your companion in finding this. In ensuring you’re not a passenger in it, but leading as the best CEO of your own life.

Are you rushing through life not fully realizing that you have more potential to unfold? Do you sense a lack of flow or creativity in yourself and those around you?

We’ve spent over 100 years optimizing our processes and operations – removing waste from supply chains, assembly lines and manual tasks. But we – yes, also you – still have 30-40% wasted capacity that can be eliminated through optimizing our inner working models as people. We still have more to gain from life by aligning with our deeper meaning and our loving mindset.
The ‘stuckness’ you may be sensing is waste coming from a fear mindset: one of limitation, protection, scarcity and focus on ‘survival’. When you replace it with love, you’ll transform to a mindset of: openness, abundance, inclusion, value creation and focus on ‘living fully’. It can feel counterintuitive, but love is your biggest hack in both business and life. It removes the blocks inside you, making you more resilient and resourceful through transformation.

So, ask yourself – Will you lean back and let the world happen to you? Or will you own your place and reactions in the world?
Transformational Capacity is something you can build. It enables you to have a greater impact in your own life, your organization and your society. By building it, The Heart Revolution makes you relevant and lets you keep up with the pace of the world – ready to thrive no matter what’s changing.

Do you want to you stick to this, and not let it slip away like an old, forgotten new year’s resolution?

You can drive sustainable, personal change through simple, regular 5-10-minute practices building your Transformational Capacity. It’s simple. But not easy.
Your personal transformation requires regular practice. It doesn’t happen at the end of an event, book or program. Looking for a silver bullet or a miracle 24-hour diet? That’s not what you’ll get here. Willing to put in the work, even when it might feel hard or tedious? Then you’ll get real impact.
When you embrace and harness love, transformation flows far more smoothly. You’ll find the fastest way to transformation is steady and consistent practice. But it’s a continuous journey that I’m also travelling on with you. The Heart Revolution give you the roadmap and practices that work, if you work them.

The Trilogy: What's next?

The Heart Revolution is just the beginning. Like any transformation, this is a journey – and it’s only just started, with plenty more road for us to cover together. The trilogy invites us all to be leaders, designers and owners of our lives and our businesses. And you are all invited to join me on this adventure! As I continue writing the next book(s), I would welcome you all in as my companions – to share your wisdom and experiences – and help shape the rest of The Heart Revolution’s story.
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Taking The Heart Revolution from the pages of the book and injecting it straight into your life, BreathingBusiness – a consultancy founded by Karen Tobiasen to help individuals and organizations to transform with heart – offers you real life training, tools and practices for your transformation: A great opportunity to assess, build and sustain your Transformational Capacity in whatever way is best for you.

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