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What mindset are you operating in right now?
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Some quick advice...
For each of the questions, answer with the response that most closely matches what you would do.
Remember, no one will have access to your specific results (unless you want them to!) so take the chance to reflect and be truly honest with yourself – even if right now you’re not completely the version of yourself that you know you can be.
You are sitting in a jam, late for your meeting. What do you do?
You meet someone close that seems very happy and fulfilled in their life. What do you do?
You’ve just received a piece of negative feedback. What do you do?
You don’t feel appreciated enough and that you’re taken for granted. What do you do?
Someone offloads their frustration on you. What do you do?
Someone close to you has done something that has really upset you. What do you do?
Someone close to you has just been diagnosed with a serious disease. What do you do?
You need to decide on what to order for take away. What do you do?
You feel exhausted at work and things keep piling up on your desk. What do you do?
You don’t feel like work is helping you grow, and you’ve been unhappy for a few months now. What do you do?
You have just taken on a task that you don’t know how to solve. What do you do?
Your organization is going to lay off some people to reduce cost. You don’t know what that means for you. What do you do?
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What Revolution?

In life and business, The Heart Revolution guides you to turn fear into love. Invisible waste into seen value. And exhausting challenges into exciting opportunities. Using proven practice to empower and enrich you to a better life, you unlock the potential already inside you. To transform your work and organization, by transforming yourself.

So, step out of your comfort zone, tear down your internal blockers, and join the Heart Revolution for greater impact in your life, organization and society.

Question of the week

How do you bring your heart to work, and to life?

Share your thoughts and stories with a like-minded community – where we become wiser together.

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Ten Steps of Transformation

The Heart Revolution stands at the intersection of personal and professional life – equipping you to stay relevant and ready for whatever comes your way. To transform your work and organization, by transforming yourself.

The journey is grounded in the Ten Steps of Transformation. They capture the essence of what enables true transformation in you, your work and your organization. Taking you full circle – from building insights and meaning about yourself and your life, to making conscious choices around your mindset for you to manifest impact in your life and business.

Steps One through Seven equip and evolve you as a human being, enabling you to take ownership of your personal transformation. These are the foundation to Steps Eight through Ten where you, together with others, will contribute to creating more effective transformations in your organizations and beyond.

Are you ready to take the first step? 

Karen Tobiasen

Nature. Bicycles. Nursing. Learning. Transforming.

We all have moments and memories that shape us. Passions and values that fulfill us. Connections that define us.

I’ve collected some of my favorites…
Do you take the time to reflect on yours?